Sunday Riley Selling Only 1,000 Limited Edition Holiday Boxes

Sunday Riley announced that they will be placing a limited edition holiday skincare box on their official website come this November 19. They will only have 1,000 of these boxes available to their loyal customers on November 19, for about $185. Typically the contents of the box would cost about $230. What does the box contain that is so special?

The Sunday Riley limited edition holiday skincare contains two new products that won’t be available until 2019. Those two products that are getting a preview with the limited edition boxes for the few who get one are the Luna Sleeping Night Oil and C.E.O. Glow. The Luna Sleeping Night Oil contains retinol which helps the skin produce more collagen to improve the state of the skin. The company warns that those who use the product should use a small amount of it at a time to build up a tolerance to the retinol in it because sometimes retinol can make skin break out. The C.E.O. Glow contains vitamin C and turmeric oil inside of it to help treat the skin to produce a healthy glow.

The other Sunday Riley limited edition holiday skincare is a product that they had to reformulate over in the United Kingdom. The company had to change up the ingredients in their Good Genes product. They switched the lactic acid in the product to glycolic acid instead, to produce a gentle liquid exfoliating product for the face. The Sunday Riley Good Genes product is one of their most beloved products amongst those who want to have the healthy benefits of the product for their skin. This limited edition box is the first the Good Genes product is being sold in the United States.

You’ll have to go to the Sunday Riley website to buy the limited edition box. The Sunday Riley limited edition box will only be sold on November 19 to the first 1,000 people who go on their website.

Guilherme Paulus: Benefiting From The Influx Of Tourists

The Brazilian government’s decision to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the recently concluded 2016 Olympic Games had a positive effect on the country’s tourism sector. As television channels across the planet broadcast the games, advertisements about Brazil and why it is the best place for the next holiday were also shown, attracting foreign visitors from around the world. The government recorded six million foreign tourists visiting the country in 2016, and it is expected to move up in the years to come. As preparation for more visitors coming into the country, the Brazilian government has invested a lot in the construction of airports and seaports, as well as encouraging the local entrepreneurs to invest in tourist-friendly businesses.

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian businessman who has been recently recognized as the newest billionaire from the South American state of Brazil. Many Brazilians in the past have already reached this feat, but it was a first-time for someone who has been doing business in the tourism industry to be recognized as a billionaire by the reputable Forbes Magazine. As of 2018, the net worth of Guilherme Paulus is at $1 billion, and experts agree that this figure would go up as the country is making a lot of effort to transform their tourism industry.

Guilherme Paulus invested in the tourism industry decades before Brazil experienced a tourism boom. He established his first tourism business back in 1972, called the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. This business benefits those who are looking for an affordable tour service, and his firm became the largest and the leading tour operator services company in the country because of the positive reviews that it received. Guests from around the world are asking for his company’s services because they knew that it would be worth it.

Another investment under his name was the GJP Hotels and Resorts, which began operations in 2005. Its guests have praised his properties which provide accommodation because of their world-class services. Guilherme Paulus continues to expand his operations, hoping that the influx of tourists would provide him with more profit.


OG Juan Perez And Jay-Z Reveal All About The Notorious 50th Birthday Party

From being a key member of the studio team for Jay-Z and Beyonce to exploring the possibilities offered by the fledgling Roc Nation Sports Agency, OG Juan Perez has become an integral member of the Hova Circle of Influence. Jay-Z has a long reputation for keeping his allies as close to him as possible and allowing them free reign to work for the interests of each other within the Roc Nation family.

One of the those who has benefitted most from his close working and personal relationship with Jay-Z is OG Juan Perez, a music studio expert who has flourished in many different areas of business. Jay-Z and Beyonce have become so close to OG Juan Perez and his Roc Nation executive Desiree that the couple was namechecked on the latest release from The Carters. The release of the album, “Everything Is Love” includes a number of songs with the members of the Hova Circle of Influence namechecked by Jay-Z and Beyonce, including both Desiree and OG Juan Perez.

Jay-Z and Beyonce have never sought to bring the cameras of reality TV into their home and reserve some of their more unhappy moments for the former member of their inner circle, Kanye West. Unlike OG Juan Perez, West seems to have been jettisoned from the Hova Circle of Influence because of his relationship with Kim Kardashian and her family who are criticized in the lyrics of the album for using images of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. for their clothing line.

OG Juan Perez is part of a unique group who are given the opportunity to share in the success and wealth of Jay-Z and Beyonce. In the lyrics of their latest album, Beyonce states success is now measured on the effects their wealth has on those closest to them, including OG Juan Perez.

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Dr. Saad Saad offers support on how to treat children who swallow foreign objects

Dr. Saad Saad is a qualified pediatric surgeon. He has been in this industry for the past four decades. He has experience in removing foreign objects from the body. Mostly he has removed foreign objects that have stuck in the windpipes and the esophagus.

As a pediatric surgeon, he has dealt with children between the ages of six months and 14 years to get the necessary treatment. He has helped them to get rid of foreign objects that were in their bodies.

As we know, children are normally curious and will be quick to put anything they get on their hands into their mouths. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

The cases are normally rampant when the child is young. Most of the times, the objects they swallow go through the esophagus and into the stomach without many complications. However, this is not always the case.

Some ties the object will get stuck in the windpipe or esophagus creating a state of emergency. Some of the signs of a child who has swallowed something that has stuck in these areas normally include wheezing, difficulties swallowing and breathing. Some of the common foreign objects include coins, peanuts, and even hot dogs. Learn more about Dr Saad Saad:

These objects might not go directly to the stomach and may get stuck on the way prompting immediate medical assistance.

According to Dr. Saad Saad, one of the first aid measures that parents should take when dealing with children who are less than six years so that you should hold them upside down.

While holding their legs, tap them at the back, and the object will most likely come out. For children older than six years, the best solution is to wrap your hands from their behind and then apply pressure on their abdomen. In most cases, the child will just cough the object out.

However, if all of these do not work, rush him or her to the nearest medical facility in an emergency case. Dr. Saad is warning adults from using their fingers to try and remove objects they are trying to swallow. Such a move can easily lead to the object getting more inside into the esophagus.

In cases of emergency that involve swallowing of foreign objects, an x-ray is done. However, one problem with an x-ray is that it can only determine something like a coin. The machine cannot detect peanuts. One a coin is detected, the child should be taken through an operation known as bronchoscopy.

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the surgeons who has performed many such operations. He knows what these children need and can, therefore, assist in cases they have swallowed foreign objects. In his career, he has even created a device that can be used to trace the opposition of the foreign object.

Satisfy Your Yearning for High-End Fashion, Even With a Thrift Store Budget Thanks to The RealReal

Would you love to wear classic Chanel, gorgeous Gucci, up-to-the-minute styles from Yeezy or one of the designers that your favorite celebrity wears? Are the high price tags keeping you from fulfilling your fashion dreams? Well, don’t give up those dreams just yet. Get The RealReal app and find the high-end fashion that you’re looking for at deeply discounted prices.

The RealReal is a consignment shop, unlike others. The items in their shops are designer items, that have been authenticated. There are options for men, women and even kids. Shop clothing, bags, jewelry, watches and items for the home. Even though the prices are already much less than you would expect to pay, they have sales. These sales allow you to get luxury items for the home or closet, for even less than their everyday low prices.

If you’ve already got a closet full of designer clothing and you want to sell some to make room for more, The RealReal is the place for you. They get the great items that they sell from people like you. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

Be sure to check out their Instagram page to see beautiful photos of some of their available items. The photos themselves are works of art. They are so pleasing to look at, even if you’re not in the mood for shopping.

The RealReal may be the discriminating shopper’s best friend.

Ted Bauman: A Life of Hard Work in Economics

Ted Bauman has done so much to earn his recognition as a global authority on economics and financial investments. There are people in the various socioeconomic situations that rely on his information to help them make good decisions. Bauman understands that his role is to provide his readers with a solid source. Because he is so invested in his readership, Bauman often spends more time on research than his contemporaries. This attention to detail has earned him a loyal following. This is one of the reasons why wanted to sit down and talk to the writer about his career and what keeps him going.

Ted Bauman earned a degree in economics as a young man in South Africa. He attended the University of Cape Town and began a job as a project manager for low-income housing networks. This eventually transitioned into a consultation job that took them all around the world. He found it to be an exciting experience that gave him information about the international markets and immigration. This is why he is currently regarded as an authority for those subjects as well. While it was a thrilling time, Ted Bauman was missing something out of his life. He found that he enjoyed doing research on economics and he wanted to share that information. This is when he took a job with Banyan Hill publishing to increase his visibility and readership.

The work that Ted Bauman does is very important. He explains that to his interviewer by talking about the impact that it could have on his readers if his information were incomplete. This is one of the reasons why he is so adamant to do the research on his own. While some writers may have an assistant that locates the information for them, Bauman believes that only he is able to determine what is appropriate to exclude. This can give readers the confidence to know that the information that they are reading is not incomplete in any way. Ted Bauman has put all the work into his articles and is looking forward to continuing that work for years to come.

David Zalik’s brilliant vision for GreenSky Credit

Making money over the long term is all about finding value where others fail to see it. In different industries, this can be accomplished by radically different means. One entrepreneur, David Zalik, proved a statement that Carl Icahn has made famous: You make the most money by doing the simplest things.

With his firm, GreenSky Credit, Zalik has turned a simple idea into an ever-expanding enterprise that is on the verge of a possible IPO, which analysts have valued at upwards of $10 billion. This is an astonishing story of growth and adaptation that has seen GreenSky go from a self-financed startup to being one of the most dominant players in the fintech industry.

Creating real value is always best

Zalik had two key insights in the creation of GreenSky. The first was that there were a tremendous number of home improvement customers who were abandoning projects due to a lack of liquidity. The second key insight was that these borrowers were high-end and they were doing projects that almost invariably created net value, meaning that the cost of the home improvement projects was less than the total that it added to the home’s value.

Zalik knew that if GreenSky could make loans to customers who were doing profitable deals that the chances of most of the loans being paid back in full and on time would be close to 100 percent. It is well known throughout the banking industry that customers who are making large amounts of money directly from the use of their loans are far less likely to slip into default. At the same time, the fact that these borrowers were among those with the highest FICO scores to begin with meant that they were already excellent candidates to loan to.

This further meant that GreenSky would have no trouble bringing onboard some of the top lenders in the industry. Today, GreenSky is making billions of dollars’ worth of loans each year, using the services of some of the top lenders in the industry, including Fifth Third Bancorp, Sun Trust and Region’s bank. Zalik has been coy, but there are currently rumors swirling of an IPO that could be worth up to $10 billion.

Jason Hope Is Offering Support For Finding Cures To Illnesses and Diseases

If there is a way for you to live a longer life, would you want to take it? What if there was a cure that could help add ten, twenty or even five years to your life expectancy? Would you want to take it? For Jason Hope, a philanthropist and entrepreneur, he is standing behind the SENS Foundation. This foundation is searching for ways to build a healthier and longer lifestyle.

The first thing you have to know is that in order to have a longer life expectancy, you have to be able to take precautions ahead of time. An example of this would be, when you go to bake a cake, do you coat the bottom of the pan to avoid the cake from burning? If you said yes, this is the same theory behind trying to find a cure as a way to build a better tomorrow. You can find Jason Hope on Twitter @JasonHope for latest updates.

The SENS Foundation is actively searching for ways that they are able to create a longer life span by finding cures that can help slow the body down with certain diseases or illnesses that affect the life span of individuals.

One of the major illnesses and diseases that affects the body and cuts the span of your life is Alzheimer’s. The presence of gene in Alzheimer is going to diminish the quality of life by cutting back on what the body needs to be healthy. With the SENS Foundation, the hope is that someday they will find a way to cure these diseases and illnesses.

Jason Hope has always shared a passion for technology. He grew up in Tempe, Arizona. When he graduated high school, he went on to attend the business school and graduated with the purpose of helping others. The purpose was to let others know that there is hope for building a better tomorrow.

When asked about what you can do to help build a brighter tomorrow, Jason Hope is set to share how you can help through donations. You can donate your time or energy as well as financial support to the purpose of helping to find cures. Jason Hope spends a good amount of time helping various organizations out like the SENS Foundation.

Read more: Jason Hope Donates To Anti-aging Research Effort As Major Discovery Emerges




Gareth Henry appointed as the Global Head of Investor Relations

Gareth Henry is a globally recognized entrepreneur and investor. He attended the University of Edinburgh in Scotland where he managed to attain a degree in Actuarial Mathematics. Gareth began his career at Watson Wyatt, a management research firm. He worked for Watson Wyatt for a few years before moving to Schroders, a UK based money management firm. At Schroders, he served as a product manager in the multi-asset class group.

Gareth Henry joined Fortress Investment Group in 2007. Fortress Investment Group is an investment management firm based in New York City. The Firm was established in 1998 by Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone as a private equity company. Since its inception, the company has constantly grown and has helped many organizations in the management of their assets.

With Gareth Henry serving as one of the managing directors of Fortress Investment Group, the company has been able to gain global recognition. Gareth serves with proper management ethics and has a skillful prowess in offering the best advice to his team and co-workers. He oversees the marketing of the company in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Some of his core responsibilities include: overseeing wealth and pension funds of the company and supervisions of the insurance relations that the company has with other countries. Through his outstanding marketing skills, Gareth has helped Fortress Group outsource clients from all parts of the globe.

In recognition of his outrageous performance in entrepreneurship, Gareth has received various international awards and high-rank promotions. In 2016, he was named by Angelo Gordon as the managing director and Global Head of Investor relations. This appointment followed due to his outstanding performance at Fortress Investment Group. The main core responsibility of Investor Relations firm is to raise capital between it and other firms all over the globe. With the presence of Gareth Henry in Investor relations, the company has been able to make huge sales and has raised capital for many organizations globally.

The success of Gareth can be credited to his passion for work, proper management ethics, and good client relations. He has enabled many organizations to achieve their goals and make huge milestones in the competitive business world.

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Emergency Rooms Are Parking Lots For Non-Urgent Patients According To Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Emergency rooms are turning into family care centers, according to a study sponsored by NPR, the Robert Woods Foundation, and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Patients know they can get treatment regardless of their social status or ability to pay. Plus, thousands of people don’t have a family health care provider they see on a regular basis so they go to the emergency room for treatment. According to a 2016 study, four out of ten people who visit an emergency room need non-urgent care. There’s not much hospitals can do to alleviate this non-urgent healthcare trend, according to a recent report by an NPR affiliate in Florida. Thanks to the 1986 Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, hospitals have to provide medical services to anyone who needs care even if they don’t have any type of health insurance. Plus, hospitals can’t turn people away from emergency room treatments because of their legal status or their social class.

WMFE, the NPR affiliate, put the emergency room story together in Florida. Health news reporter, Abe Aboraya interviewed emergency room physicians in order to hear what they had to say about emergency room overcrowding due to treating non-urgent care patients. One of the first doctors Aboraya interviewed was Dr. Eric Forsthoefel. Aboraya wanted to pick Forsthoefel’s mind in order to find out how overcrowding impacts proper medical care. Dr. Forsthoefel is a six-year emergency room veteran. Forsthoefel got his medical degree from Louisiana State University School of Medicine. He also did his emergency room resident training there. Dr. Forsthoefel holds a Florida and Louisiana emergency room medical license, but he works in Tallahassee now.

Crowding and care delays are part of Dr. Forsthoefel day, every day. Non-urgent care has increased to epidemic proportions, according to the NPR report. Dr. Forsthoefel and his team are knee-deep in that epidemic. According to Forsthoefel, Florida’s emergency room issues mirror other the issues emergency rooms around the country experience. Only 50 percent of the patients Forsthoefel treats get admitted for further in-patient treatments. About 30 percent of his emergency room patients are acute visits, and more than ten percent are non-urgent outpatient visits. Some doctors call emergency rooms “safety nets” for good reasons. Emergency rooms are safe havens, and they are a place where patients know they will get some kind of help even if it’s a short-term fix.

Dr. Forsthoefel said emergency room costs continue to escalate. Plus, finding the right fit in terms of a nursing and administration staff can be a challenge. Some medical staffers are not willing to put in the time and the energy to face the volume of non-urgent patients every day. Plus, managing this healthcare crisis is not easy. Emergency rooms need constant doctor and nurse attention as well as enough resources to give the emergency room staff the tools they need to provide up-to-date medical procedures. Hospitals and emergency room doctors know non-urgent emergency room care will continue to increase even though there’s not enough room or staff to treat them properly.