A Quick Look At Advertising Executive Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama is a well-known advertising executive in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who has created and executed a great many memorable ad campaigns. After working at a number of advertising agencies in Brazil he struck out on his own in 1999 to start his own agency, Neogama.

He was won a total of 23 Lions at Cannes Festivals and has served as a Jury Member three times in the category of Film and Press. Another notable achievement was his being nominated as one of the 7 most important professionals to have ever worked in the Brazilian advertising industry by a group of 250 of his peers.

Probably the most memorable ad campaign devised by Alexandre Gama was his 2013 “Rock Giant” campaign which grew famous both nationally and internationally. Gama had created this campaign for Johnnie Walker. This campaign was part of his body of work which was on exhibit in 2014 at the Brazilian Art Museum, the first and still only exhibit of its kind at the museum.

Source: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandre_Gama_(publicit%C3%A1rio)

Putting People First With MB2 Dental

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, founder of MB2 Dental, is set with the vision of being the best sole-practitioner as well as leading the industry in corporate dentistry. Coming from a background as both a provider and business owner, Dr. Villanueva understands what is required in order to run a successful company while not compromising his ethical code when it comes to dentistry. He quickly realized the need for specialized staff and shaped his company to grow into the firm it is today. MB2 Dental has over 70 affiliate locations across six states and is home to over 500 employees.


Dr. Villanueva saw the problem with traditional practices being boring and uninspired. He then created MB2 Dental with the goal of revolutionizing the field instead of simply reaching set profit margins. From his beginnings as a dentist-owned practice, he focused his efforts on support, personal growth, being autonomous, and having fun. These goals allowed MB2 Dental to improve itself as a business and target improvements in such a way as to benefit the patients as much as the company. Dr. Villanueva’s plan soon led to innovations in operating standards, happier practitioners, and organic business growth.


He saw the advantages of both choices and decided to merge the two thus creating MB2 Dental. A self-proclaimed “night owl”, Dr. Villanueva follows a mentor’s advice of never being the smartest person in the room. This allows him to learn from those around him and surround himself with specialized talent. He is firmly against micromanaging and believes that once you’ve hired the right individuals the best thing to do is set goals and get out of their way. New advances in technology are particularly exciting to Dr. Villanueva and he believes the industry will be greatly influenced by emerging tech.


A light mood and fun working environment are also key factors to MB2 Dental’s success. Keeping both practitioners and patients happy promotes an overall positive environment. The only thing he would have changed would have been focusing on infrastructure earlier, while not compromising integrity. Finally, Dr. Villanueva has built a business centered around people: doctors, patients, and staff, instead of common trends in real estate, marketing, software making MB2 Dental a unique network where people come first.