The Sturdy Business Structure of Fortress Investment Group That Brings It To Top

In the world of business, it pays to be strong. It pays to have the puissance to whether the business changes, confront its challenges and find the right solutions that can address the problems in the company. Sure, there can be a lot of lustrous benefits and opportunities in running a business, but if you don’t know how to face such challenges, you can be risking the survival of your business. One of the few rare and indomitable companies today that show the strength to face all the challenges of running a business is Fortress Investment Group.

The Acquisition

One of the many things that really accelerated the rise and expansion of Fortress Investment Group today is the fact that it was just recently acquired by SoftBank Group Corp. While Fortress Investment Group is still going to be operating in its own structure, the fact that it is acquired by Softbank means that Fortress would have all the network, unfaltered support and sustainable ally that would drive its operations to its highest potential.One thing that also sped up the growth of Fortress Investment Group is the fact that it is also now consolidated with SoftBank’s corporate structure, and will get the same level of quality infrastructure that can bring Fortress to where it aims to be, too. With the business model, brand and culture in Softbank ingrained now in Fortress Investment Group, there’s a more cogent path for the company to improve many clients’ assets.

The Core Competencies

It should also be noted here that Fortress Investment Group LLC has already been acknowledged as a highly diversified global investment firm today with a net worth of about $36.1 billion in assets. Founded in 1998, Fortress has been able to manage assets worldwide across a range of credit and real estate, private equity investment and other strategies. However, it is the ability of Fortress Investment to weed out the baneful financial strategies out of the clients’ assets that makes it stand out among fund managers today.The ability also for it to sustain the fact that there’s a merger component in Fortress Investment Group is also another thing that makes the company stand out among the different companies today that offer the same services. You can also easily verify, too, the financial standing of Fortress Investment and its financial results on the SBG’s consolidated financial statements last December 2017. This way, you can better assess how much trust you can give to the company in terms of managing your assets.There are still so many corporate challenges that thwart the rise of Fortress Investment, but with the kind of skillset and powerful workforce at their disposal, all is well. The fact, too, that Fortress is still an independent company under the wing of Softbank means that it would still have a lot to do and improve in the future. The market is going to even be rougher, but with the expertise of Softbank under AI, smart robotics, IoT and clean energy technology, there’s nothing to worry on the part of Fortress Investment.

Recalling Jim Larkin’s Journey as a Fulfilled Unionist and Activist

Jim Larkin was a known trade unionist who was born in January 21, 176 in Liverpool, England. His parents were Irish. To rise in his life, Jim Larkin was involved in various jobs. He was a socialist and activist whose commitment was to ensure that works were operating under fair conditions. Jim joined the National Union of Dock Labourers in 1905 and became a full time trade unionist. He was moved to Dublin in the year 1907 and there he birthed the renowned Irish Transport and general workers movement. His aim was entirely for all the labor workers irrespective of their employment status to be under one umbrella trade union to ensure that their welfare is taken care of. Following the history, Larkin later outlined the political program for the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. This entailed the statement for a legal 8 hours day, availability of work for the unemployed people, and pensions for all the workers who had attained the age of 60 years. It also included adult suffrage, compulsory arbitration courts, nationalization of canals, and railways among other transport means.


Moving on, in 1912, Larkin together with James Connolly started the Irish Labour Party that led several strikes. One of the most recalled happened in 1913 in Dublin lockout. Reports show that most unskilled workers in Dublin enjoy few rights in the land. In the strike, around 100,000 workers went out for approximately seven months after which they successfully won their right to fair employment. In 1914, he moved to America where he was expected to lecture and raise funds to fight the British. While there, Larkin joined the Socialists Party of America and the Industrial Workers’ of the World. Larkin was deported back to his country where he founded another union in 1924 called the Workers Union of Ireland and became a solid member of the Irish Labour Party in 1945. He progressively worked in the unions mentioned and received his benefits of workers until when he died in 1947. Larking remained very active in the unions and died having fulfilled most of his ambitions for the workers.

Louis Chenevert Provides Keys to His Lasting Legacy

Over the course of his career, Louis Chenevert has created a groundbreaking blueprint in business for his ability to bring about incredible results for each company that he been associated with. Louis Chenevert has been involved with a number of companies during his career in the business world, including Pratt & Whitney, where stayed from April 1999 until March 2006, acting as the President until leaving for United Technologies Corporation, as well as a prior career with General Motors that lasted 14 years. During his time with United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert was a key entity in the culture shift that led to, what was, at the time, the most financially significant acquisition of its kind – the purchase of Goodrich Aerospace. The acquisition of Goodrich Aerospace led to a number of breakthroughs that would change the trajectory of the aircraft industry, including the development of the Geared Turbofan engine, which cut emissions and fuel consumption by a large margin, as well as the introduction of the F135 engine sole source position. As Louis Chenevert continues to transition into the next phase of his career, he sat down to discuss a variety of practices and mindsets that have played an integral role in his overall success.

Always looking to the future, Louis Chenevert recently expressed his excitement for the new advancements in modern technology that have allowed his company to progress by leaps and bounds. He has always employed a strict ability to remain focused on the task at hand throughout his career, and he also emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with a like-minded team that is ready to work toward a common goal. His team-oriented mindset requires that he provide his team with all of the necessary materials and assets to do their jobs to the best of their abilities, and he also ensures that when his team takes risks and create positive results, they are rewarded for their efforts. When thinking back on his worst job, Louis Chenevert cites his time as a first line supervisor at an assembly plant, which, despite its shortcomings, taught him a great deal about listening to his employees.