Jed McCaleb- Innovator using blockchain technology

Jed McCaleb is a tech entrepreneur and a brilliant programmer. He has been in the industry for quite a long time and has started a number of tech companies. His recent engagements are in the blockchain technology industry where he is working on projects that will tap into the huge potential of the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. Jed McCaleb is regarded as a genius by those who know him. On matters of cryptography, p2p connections and other technologies that apply in the implementation of the blockchain technology, he is an expert. He had even worked with various blockchain companies before he started his own known as Stellar Foundation.


Over the years he has been in the industry looking for opportunities which he has implemented through other companies. However, it got to a point where he had to start something so that he could implement his ideas in the way he wanted. He got tired of being controlled by management who thought his ideas were not feasible.


When Jed McCaleb is not working, he like surfing. He normally travels to countries like Brazil and Costa Rica to enjoy the great surfing experience in that area. He currently lives in Patterson with his family. He is a graduate of the University of California Berkeley where he started his tech entrepreneurship at an early age. Jed McCaleb was born in 1975 in Arkansas.


Before Jed McCaleb joined the blockchain technology industry, he was still in the tech industry where he had opened a number of companies dealing with artificial intelligence and modern computing.


Jed McCaleb never completed his studies at UC Berkeley. In 2000 he created his own company known as eDonkey, which was a company dealing with files sharing. The company later faced challenges and declined. McCaleb left the program and moved on to start other ventures.


In 2009, the first digital currency-Bitcoin was launched. This is the currency that brought the concept of blockchain technology and crypto revolution. With the knowledge, McCaleb had in cryptography and P2P connections, he was in a right position to implement to make innovations based on this technology.


Jeff Herman is a renowned lawyer who represents sexually abused victims; men, women and children. He is more interested in representing children abused by sexual predators. Herman’s major goal is to listen and let the victims be heard. He was motivated to pursue such cases by the first case of an autistic child abused in preschool.


He is the Founder and Partner of Herman Law. He has worked in high profile lawsuits of sexual abuse such as the Archdiocese of Miami and Denver.


Two public figures have recently come out to push the Republicans in the Senate to pass the Child Victims Act (s. 809). The passing of the act will help Jeff Herman in his practice. A coalition known as New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators has been formed with the help of Corey Feldman an actor and Sarah Powers Barnhard, a volleyball player in the fight. The push will pressure since there have been intentions to keep the act off the floor. The Bill will be endorsed by D. Manhattan and Brad Holgman as the sponsors. See Related Link for more information.


The Bill will do away with statutes of limitations when dealing with child sexual abuse victims. The accused have been using the limitations to do away with cases. Jeff Herman exposes on sexual predators, and their institutions are not easy with such limitations. He first represented a victim in 2003 when a Lawsuit Against the Archdiocese of Allentown PA was allowed to go on trial. The church had been using the limitations to dismiss cases. He also won a verdict against Charter schools in the USA in the year 2014 it was the biggest case of sexual abuse with charter schools.


Sexual abuse cases have also been tried within five years, and within a year the victim should sue the oppressor. However, if the oppressor is from an institution the case took three years. The Child Victims Act would do away with such limitations the cases will be heard within a year even in a case of fifty years. Jeff Herman became the limitations in the Archdiocese of Miami case because the church had committed a fraud by not revealing the priest’s history of sexual abuse.



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Rocketship Education Will Continue to Help Kids Become Educated

Rocketship Education is a network of charter schools. They focus on building charter schools in communities where there are many kids from poor families. These kids can not afford to go to private schools. However, with Rocketship Education, they can go to a public charter school that will give them a similar education to the private schools. They will get the same level of education, the same expertise from the teachers, and the same test scores that are common among children in private schools.

You see, the test scores at Rocketship Education schools are a lot higher than average than the test scores at other schools around the country. Rocketship Education has also put an emphasis on implementing technology in the classroom. To that end, they use tablets and other forms of education that are designed to help students study better. The fact is that they realized how technology can help students be more successful. At the same time, there came a point when they realized that they were going too fast, so they made sure that they held on to traditional methods of education as well.

The best thing about Rocketship Education, which is why parents love them so much, is that they make sure to include parents as well. They even let the parents interview new potential teachers so that the parents have a say in who is going to be teaching their children. There is no doubt that including the parents has done wonders for the education of the kids.

Recently, some people came out and said some things about Rocketship Education that were not so flattering. However, these things have to be taken in context. After all, there will always be a few people who are not satisfied. When it comes to education, there will always be a few parents who will complain about things. You can not listen to them and ignore all the parents who are happy with the way that things are going. This is especially true if the people who are complaining are referring to a school as a company.