Why Reviews Makes Business Like Fabletics Thrive

Online has open doors for business to thrive and has changed the way customers shop. Now, a customer will research reviews before they decide to buy, because they trust in another buyer’s review as if it was a personal recommendation from a dear close friend or relative.


It’s because of this modern day shift that new trendy brands like Fabletics are able to capitalize on customer behavior by using review advertising strategies.


In fact, after their launch in 2013, Fabletics has expanded to over 200% to more than $230 million in profits and over 1 million subscribing paying members.


The Corporate Marketing Officer of TechStyle Fashion Group, Shawn Gold, believes that much of Febletics success is due to the brand embracing their reviews as much as the crowd that writes them.


They know that reviews are a valuable asset to their business, since they can directly impact sales, increase shoppers, and builds more loyal relationships with customers.


Public Opinion and Reviews Can Make or Break a Business

What comes down to is people don’t really trust in the traditional marketing techniques anymore and instead feel more secure, confident, and trusting relying on the opinions of fellow shoppers, like themselves.


A survey study states that 84% of everyday people put faith in reviews as much as they would take advice from a friend or family member. 50% have also stated that they regularly check reviews before purchasing and 60% say that negative reviews have made them not want to use a business’s service.

With websites like Yelp and Trustpilot, the world of the internet is relying on reviews more than ever, and people are not only visiting these popular sites to post a review but also doing their own research.


In fact, Yelp’s reviews have grown by 26% and have gained 22% more app users than the previous year and Trustpilot, a company that has gone beyond 30 million reviews of over 160,000 companies, has seen a 95% growth in customer retention rate.

This means that real reviews are what grows businesses and if a brand is smart enough they will leverage it to their advantage.


It’s no longer about what the business says about the brand but what the consumers have to say about the brand.


Kate Hudson, the beautiful actress from Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days has celebrated at the Beverly Hills Hotel alongside pop star Demi Lovato for the successful launch of the very first Fabletics collaboration.


Fabletics has been a fashion athleisure band that has inspired and empowered woman to be the best version of themselves but it wasn’t always the fashionable, affordable, high-quality athletic company as it is today.


Since it was founded in 2013, both founders, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg knew they needed to make a change in their business but they needed help.


That is when Kate Hudson came into the picture. She embodied the same mentality that they wanted to see in their own brand, that fun, approachable, yet extremely active attitude in life.


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Fabletics is Getting a Tremendous Boost With Better Customer Relationships

Kate Hudson knows how to do one thing very well when it comes to Fabletics. She knows how to build customer relationships. This is something that Jeff Bezos has never been able to really do. This is not something that other companies have done with a tremendous amount of success. Kate Hudson has used her celebrity status and her general likability to make people much more aware of the brand that she has established.


Many people can only assume that athletic clothing is booming because there are so many people that are interested in working out. It is true that 24 hour gyms are popping up everywhere. These women that are joining these gyms must have a great amount of clothes to go to the gym regularly, and that is where Kate has tapped into the customer relationships. She is building a brand and actually giving people access to the things that she likes. With all of the things like the buzz worthy comical “See Through” Fabletics commercial Kate Hudson is building customer relationships. She is letting people see her personality through the Fabletics brand.


With her data metric partners behind the scenes it appears that Kate has even better insight on how she can relate to her customers. She can truly see customer preferences and make better decisions on what she wants to bring to this company.


Fabletics has become type of brand that actually caters to a large number of consumers that are looking for a more personalized style. This is the reason that Kate has been in partnerships with people like Demi Lovato. She wants a chance to bring this brand to customers that were looking for something that actually fits their personalities. That’s why she puts her own pics of her favorites on the website as well.


Her ability to build these customer relationships as she personalizes the brand keeps people coming back for more. She has developed a way to stay relevant, and this is going to be the thing that really makes Fabletics stand out from the rest. As the brand grows it appears that more people are interested in really getting to know how they can stay connected as their athletic clothing needs change.


Kate has been able to keep her customers happy by presenting a diverse amount of options for clothes. This is something that people can appreciate from her as well. These are the things that have made Fabletics a company to watch. When a company that only sells athletic clothing to women has been on track to make more than $600 million in the course of one year executives cannot help but to pay attention to it. People that are interested in investing cannot help but to keep an eye on it and wait for it to go public. It has become just this big within the last decade. This increased brand awareness makes it possible for Hudson to build a better marketing platform for Fabletics with her loyal customers.