Jeremy Goldstein Leading Corporate Lawyer Based in New York

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most reputed corporate lawyers in the United States and is the co-founder and partner at the Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC. One of the primary expertise of Jeremy Goldstein is to advise the compensation committee and help the clients with corporate governance matters. Jeremy Goldstein has worked with reputed law firms in the United States and has worked for a prominent law firm in New York for several years before starting his law firm. In the last few years, Jeremy Goldstein has worked as legal counsel for major Fortune 500 companies and supervised large-scale corporate transactions, especially of mergers and acquisitions.



Jeremy Goldstein has done don BA and MA from Cornell University and Juris Doctor from the New York University of Law. While working at a leading NY law firm, Jeremy Goldstein identified that many of the leading corporate firms were looking for specialty consultants for advice on executive compensation. In order to fill this gap, he started his law firm that even though begun on a small scale went on to become one of the top few corporate law firms in the United States, especially when it comes to corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and financial law.



With the experience of nearly two decades, Jeremy Goldstein has fought many challenging cases for his clients. He has won some benchmark lawsuits that have helped him get the place of being one of the top corporate lawyers in the country. The good thing about Jeremy Goldstein is that he keeps a watch on the field of law and keeps himself updated with the latest amendments. Jeremy Goldstein’s specialty in the area of law is well-known and is one of the most sought-after corporate lawyers in the country. He guided many Fortune 500 companies through the business transformation to avoid litigations and ensure complete compliance. Jeremy Goldstein has helped his law firm become one of the top five corporate law firms in the country through his hard work and dedication.


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Jeff Herman is a renowned lawyer who represents sexually abused victims; men, women and children. He is more interested in representing children abused by sexual predators. Herman’s major goal is to listen and let the victims be heard. He was motivated to pursue such cases by the first case of an autistic child abused in preschool.


He is the Founder and Partner of Herman Law. He has worked in high profile lawsuits of sexual abuse such as the Archdiocese of Miami and Denver.


Two public figures have recently come out to push the Republicans in the Senate to pass the Child Victims Act (s. 809). The passing of the act will help Jeff Herman in his practice. A coalition known as New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators has been formed with the help of Corey Feldman an actor and Sarah Powers Barnhard, a volleyball player in the fight. The push will pressure since there have been intentions to keep the act off the floor. The Bill will be endorsed by D. Manhattan and Brad Holgman as the sponsors. See Related Link for more information.


The Bill will do away with statutes of limitations when dealing with child sexual abuse victims. The accused have been using the limitations to do away with cases. Jeff Herman exposes on sexual predators, and their institutions are not easy with such limitations. He first represented a victim in 2003 when a Lawsuit Against the Archdiocese of Allentown PA was allowed to go on trial. The church had been using the limitations to dismiss cases. He also won a verdict against Charter schools in the USA in the year 2014 it was the biggest case of sexual abuse with charter schools.


Sexual abuse cases have also been tried within five years, and within a year the victim should sue the oppressor. However, if the oppressor is from an institution the case took three years. The Child Victims Act would do away with such limitations the cases will be heard within a year even in a case of fifty years. Jeff Herman became the limitations in the Archdiocese of Miami case because the church had committed a fraud by not revealing the priest’s history of sexual abuse.



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