Views Of Bruno Fagali On Corporate Integrity Program

The Corporate Integrity Program is the code of conduct that has been specifically created for the advertising sector. In fact, it is based on the Anti-Corruption Law.

The Brazilian agency, Specialist in Communication of Public Interest was the only agency from Brazil that had been invited to participate in advertising competitions that included several international organizations. The fact was that its members were not there for getting any national recognition or even an international one.

This is where they were focused on the Corporate Integrity Program. In fact, its creation had started over two years back. There is a strict compliance system now. It is already completed. Now it has been implemented in this agency. As a lawyer, Bruno Fagali is responsible for implementing it. The agency is the only one in that has submitted its code of conduct to the General Comptroller of the Union. This refers to an organ that is a part of the Ministry of Transparency, Supervision, and Control, which has been newly created.

In fact, the founding partners of this agency have clarified that all this is a result of the concern regarding transparency. Next was about the delimitation of directives. All this is related to the ethical policies of the agency. They want everything to be correct all the time. Besides, it must be done in a complete way. This would mean an intense process. It would require internal changes too.


Bruno Jorge Fagali will be looking into the implementing of the Corporate Integrity Program. It would mean that he would have to train the teams of Sao Paulo, besides Brasília along with Rio de Janeiro.

He specializes in Administrative Law. This is because Bruno Jorge Fagali is holding a Master’s degree in State Law. This is from University of Sao Paolo.

Bruno Fagali has always focused on the administrative law that is specific to the area of Public Administration.

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