Securus Technologies fights crime with powerful tools and talented staff

One of the open secrets of the U.S. prison system has long been the extent to which criminal activity continues to take place within prison walls. Inmates who were convicted of serious crimes are often not able to leave their wayward ways behind. Those who are locked up in the nation’s prisons oftentimes continue their criminal activity while behind bars. The fact that most of these crimes tend to be of a more benign variety, such as the smuggling of food items into prison cells or the running of illegal gambling casinos, does not detract from the point that ongoing criminal activity can and does pose a threat to the institution in which is taking place.


Securus Technologies is one of the nation’s most renowned providers of inmate communication services and prison investigation solutions. It has a long track record of developing of the most high tech solutions to meet the demands of prisoners, their families and the guards and staff of the prisons where they’re housed. Securus has been at the forefront of researching and developing cutting-edge and innovative new technologies to help prison staff in their quest to eliminate criminal activity from within the prisons where they work.


One of these solutions is Guarded Exchange, a program that allows for the relational database management of prisoners’ profiles and all of those with whom they associate. This invaluable tool has helped crack thousands of cases, pointing investigators immediately in the direction of who the likely perpetrators of various crimes have been. Guarded Exchange is able to track all known associations that criminals who are incarcerated within the nation’s prisons have cultivated throughout their illicit careers. The tool also uses cutting-edge techniques, such as machine intelligence, teasing out patterns in the relationships and communication of prisoners.


This has helped countless staff and investigators of intramural prison crimes to crack cases.


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