Sunday Riley Selling Only 1,000 Limited Edition Holiday Boxes

Sunday Riley announced that they will be placing a limited edition holiday skincare box on their official website come this November 19. They will only have 1,000 of these boxes available to their loyal customers on November 19, for about $185. Typically the contents of the box would cost about $230. What does the box contain that is so special?

The Sunday Riley limited edition holiday skincare contains two new products that won’t be available until 2019. Those two products that are getting a preview with the limited edition boxes for the few who get one are the Luna Sleeping Night Oil and C.E.O. Glow. The Luna Sleeping Night Oil contains retinol which helps the skin produce more collagen to improve the state of the skin. The company warns that those who use the product should use a small amount of it at a time to build up a tolerance to the retinol in it because sometimes retinol can make skin break out. The C.E.O. Glow contains vitamin C and turmeric oil inside of it to help treat the skin to produce a healthy glow.

The other Sunday Riley limited edition holiday skincare is a product that they had to reformulate over in the United Kingdom. The company had to change up the ingredients in their Good Genes product. They switched the lactic acid in the product to glycolic acid instead, to produce a gentle liquid exfoliating product for the face. The Sunday Riley Good Genes product is one of their most beloved products amongst those who want to have the healthy benefits of the product for their skin. This limited edition box is the first the Good Genes product is being sold in the United States.

You’ll have to go to the Sunday Riley website to buy the limited edition box. The Sunday Riley limited edition box will only be sold on November 19 to the first 1,000 people who go on their website.